Restaurant Review- Radius


We’re new parents. Nice dinners out have been few and far between for the past year. I really didn’t notice, or miss them for the first 8-or-so months…we were too busy!!
Now that I’m back at work, and we’ve got a totally awesome babysitter, we decided to start date night once a month. Having moved around quite a bit over the past 10 years, something we’ve loved to do is sample the local restaurant culture. Living in Hamilton for 6 months, we’re just getting started!

So, my last day of work before Christmas vacation we decided to treat ourselves- a dinner out was our gift to each other this year. We decided to try Radius (151 James St. S, Hamilton). Located at James South and Augusta in a newly restored (circa 1874) building, items made, where possible, with locally grown foods and all prepared on site by Chef Walter. The dining room was recently opened adding to the existing cafe serving freshly brewed coffee and tea and treats.


Since I didn’t think to blog about this at the time, I didn’t take many photos…oops.
We started with wine and beer, and the selections were explained wonderfully by our friendly server. The atmosphere in the restaurant is really great- a mix of historical and modern. We chose crab cakes as our appetizer. I thought they were good, but I prefer my cakes a little more bready.
Moving on to main courses, I chose the Fettucine Carbonara, and Hubby chose the steak with wasabi mashed potatoes. Both entrees were AMAZING. The pasta was cooked perfectly ( I am a carb connaisseur) and his steak was exactly to his liking (he’s a meat connaisseur). I also tried some of his mashed and really enjoyed it.


We were sitting next to a group of 4 (two couples) and chatted with them. This is a total tangent, but another reason why I love Hamilton- people are for-real friendly. I can’t say that about the other places we’ve recently lived.

We decided to order dessert after watching a few come out of the kitchen. We chose a belgian chocolate cake to share. It was gone in 3 seconds flat. This after finishing a generous portion of pasta- hey we were celebrating!

All in all, we had a great evening. Considering the dining area at Radius has been open a couple months, I think they are doing good things. We definitely have plans to return. I love the local concept of this restaurant and I’m excited to see where the menu goes.

January Pickins’


This morning I had nothing better to do, so I packed up my little one and went down to the farmer’s market. We have a great year-round, local only market not too far away. I wasn’t sure what I’d find- I figured some onions, stored carrots and potatoes, eggs would be available.
I was pleasantly surprised. We didn’t need much, but I did buy eggs, local honey, broccoli, green onions and brussels sprouts (kind of a green day).

What’s that you say? A real, non-instagrammed picture? The luxuries of the weekend.

If I were the type to strictly adhere to a local-only diet (I do my best, but I’m no purist), I’d be eating well this winter.
Available at the market today:
-Countless varieties of apples, buckets of them! (benefit of living near Niagara)
-local beef and pork
-many varieties and sizes of potatoes
-Squash, many types

The list goes on, I’m sure I’m forgetting some things. As winter drags on, I often forget to trek down to the market and build my meals around seasonal items. Sure, there are times when nothing but a banana will do (especially for Anneliese, who says banana more than she says mama or dada). But really, eating a watery, sour tomato in the dead of winter is depressing, when there are so many better things we could be eating.

Depending on where you live, the list could vary. I’m sure if I searched hard enough, I would find hothouse tomatoes and peppers grown in my region as well.
The benefits are countless- the carbon footprint of broccoli grown within 100km is minimal, and doesn’t that make you feel good? You’re supporting your local economy- go you! You’re a hero. Secretly, the best benefit? Tasty, vibrant food that didn’t ripen on a truck, boat or train from the southern hemisphere. Yum.
I won’t tell anyone you’re doing it for your tastebuds.