How I Meal Plan


Lately I’ve been reading a ton of grocery shopping/meal planning posts and I’m loving it. I am obsessed with meal planning. I love reading flyers, picking recipes, and cooking.
I decided to share what works for us. We probably spend a little more than most people on food, but we’ve decided that food quality and contributing to local industry is really important to us. We cut in other areas to make this possible.
I operate on a kind of bi weekly schedule. Its a little haphazard because our organic CSA box comes every Tuesday, and you never know what exactly is going to be in there. I kind of like that about it, because it forces us to eat things we wouldn’t normally buy. (But if I see another sweet potato this winter I’m going to die).
This week in our CSA we received:
-Swiss Chard
-Leaf Lettuce
-3 apples, 3 Oranges
-Avocado, red bell pepper
-2 dozen small flock eggs
-living arugula
-handful of potatoes
-onion, cabbage

We are SO lucky to have a Co-op grocery now, that focuses on local products. There I purchased:
-Loaf of bread
-Sour Cream
-Kamut Spaghetti
-Navy Beans

I also shopped at the conventional grocery store because there were points on a bunch of stuff I needed, and I like saving money too!
-Fig bars
-green onion
-Caesar dressing

You probably noticed that meat is missing. We buy all our meat at a local farm who sells organic, hormone and antibiotic free meats on site. Once a month I go and buy what we need for 4-6 weeks and put it in the freezer. We don’t eat a ton of meat and view it as a nice to have, not need to have.
On the menu this week:
Bean Bourgignon, Lunch salads, Perogie Casserole, Asian Cabbage salad, Southwest Frittata, Spaghetti with home-canned sauce from our summer garden.

So there you have it, a little snapshot of our pantry. I’d LOVE to hear how others do it, please share!

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