January Pickins’


This morning I had nothing better to do, so I packed up my little one and went down to the farmer’s market. We have a great year-round, local only market not too far away. I wasn’t sure what I’d find- I figured some onions, stored carrots and potatoes, eggs would be available.
I was pleasantly surprised. We didn’t need much, but I did buy eggs, local honey, broccoli, green onions and brussels sprouts (kind of a green day).

What’s that you say? A real, non-instagrammed picture? The luxuries of the weekend.

If I were the type to strictly adhere to a local-only diet (I do my best, but I’m no purist), I’d be eating well this winter.
Available at the market today:
-Countless varieties of apples, buckets of them! (benefit of living near Niagara)
-local beef and pork
-many varieties and sizes of potatoes
-Squash, many types

The list goes on, I’m sure I’m forgetting some things. As winter drags on, I often forget to trek down to the market and build my meals around seasonal items. Sure, there are times when nothing but a banana will do (especially for Anneliese, who says banana more than she says mama or dada). But really, eating a watery, sour tomato in the dead of winter is depressing, when there are so many better things we could be eating.

Depending on where you live, the list could vary. I’m sure if I searched hard enough, I would find hothouse tomatoes and peppers grown in my region as well.
The benefits are countless- the carbon footprint of broccoli grown within 100km is minimal, and doesn’t that make you feel good? You’re supporting your local economy- go you! You’re a hero. Secretly, the best benefit? Tasty, vibrant food that didn’t ripen on a truck, boat or train from the southern hemisphere. Yum.
I won’t tell anyone you’re doing it for your tastebuds.

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