Real Food English Muffins


We eat a lot of english muffins over here. Don’t ask me why. We never buy bread. Only english muffins. I like to eat them with my poached eggs in the morning and Quinton eats them with anything.
Since this is such a major staple for us, I figured it would be worth it to try to make my own. I found the recipe on pinterest, so I’ll just link straight to it and add my commentary.


The dough was straight forward- word to the wise: if your house is cold like mine, make sure you put the circles somewhere warm to rise. I covered them and left them on the counter….and…. nothing. So I turned on the oven and put them on top of it and sure enough, they doubled. Live and learn, my friends.
I did like the fact that the recipe used honey and not refined sugar. After tasting them I think I’d cut the honey in half next time.


I think next time I would use a larger circle, this time I used a water glass, which was ok, but I like the muffin to be wide enough to hold an egg and these are a tad small.


Ensure you do keep the skillet on medium low heat- otherwise they’ll brown up too fast and not cook on the inside.


Toddler approved!!!!

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