Good Food: Hemp Hearts


Its been quite a busy little day over here. Anneliese had her hearing tested this morning (passed perfectly!). Then we made the journey to Starsky to get our Paczki- If I’m going to eat 3 billion calories of fried dough they better be authentically made by Polish grandmas. After that we stopped in at Costco for some random items, but while there I found these:

Hemp Hearts! I stopped buying them because they are so expensive and come in a teeny tiny bag at the grocery store. So when I saw this giant bag I was SO excited. In 3 tbsp, hemp seeds contain:

  • 170 calories
  • 10 grams of polyunsaturated fats- both Omega 3 and 6
  • 3 grams fibre
  • 10 grams of protein!!!
  • 30% RDV of both iron and thiamine
  • 15% folate
  • 70% magnesium

Hemp contains all the amino acids, including GLA which is rare.  Hemp has a higher concentration of Omega 3- even higher than walnuts!

I love hemp seeds because its an easy way to “healthify” a fast meal. For example, today I had a bowl of vegetable soup, which on it’s own is really not enough. I threw the hemp seeds in there and quickly added enough protein for a complete meal.

Hemp is suitable for those allergic to nuts and seeds, as well as those on a gluten free diet. There are no known allergies to hemp. The seeds are similar to a sesame seed and have a pleasant mild taste.

I guess I should qualify all this by saying the hemp you eat is not the same as the hemp used for ‘medicinal’ purposes. C. sativa subsp. indica is the variety of the plant used for drugs, the variety we eat does not contain THC.

I hope I’ve convinced you to try something new, and good for you!

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