Motivation was something I definitely lacked today. Bottom line, life with an infant is so fun, but SO tiring. There is no schedule whatsoever. She sleeps, eats and cries when she feels like it, and that’s totally ok. But it really makes it hard to get anything done. I’ve gotten used to living life in 30 minute increments. I never undertake any task that can’t be interrupted when I’m home alone.

I had 5k on the schedule today, and when I got up this morning I was already making excuses to myself as to why I could postpone the run. But at the same time I knew I couldn’t, because I had runs Tuesday and Wednesday. So when Anneliese fell asleep after lunch I forced myself onto the treadmill. I love running but I hate the treadmill with a passion. It makes every run seem twice as long, its boring, and most of all, I have no excuses, because its in my basement.

I have come up with a bunch of coping mechanisms for dealing with the treadmill. While training for a half marathon last winter, there were times when I simply could not run outside. I had to complete really, really long runs on the dreadmill- mostly at my parent’s house, where there is no safe place to run in the winter.

Here are some tips for making it through treadmill mileage:

  • Cover the clock with a towel. Staring at the clock will inevitably make everything seem ALOT longer.
  • Break down the run into smaller “bites”. During a 19k, I allowed myself to get off the treadmill and have a drink of water every 5k. It wasn’t a rest but it was enough to reset my mind- I was running 5ks, instead of looking at the larger number
  • PVR your favourite shows and only allow yourself to watch them while you’re running. Pretty self-explanatory. Although I have to say on a tangent, I’m pretty PO’d that one of my favourite shows, Once Upon a Time, hasn’t been on for two Sundays in a row due to Superbowl and Grammys.
  • Make sure you fuel properly- there’s nothing worse than starting to run and realizing you’re hungry. I guess this goes for every run. Remember, on a run over an hour you should take in calories while you’re running.
  • Have everything you need next to the treadmill. I am notorious for finding a thousand excuses to get off- I need a towel, water, my cell phone, etc. etc. etc. Make sure its all there waiting.
  • If you’re training for an outdoor race, set the treadmill to a 2 incline. This will better replicate outdoor conditions. Running on a treadmill is actually easier because the conveyor somewhat pulls you along. You want to ensure that when you do get outside, your body isn’t in shock.

Personally, I view the treadmill as a last option to fit in mileage, because I simply love being outside. In fact, I enjoy winter running more than summer, I don’t do well in the heat. But I do know people that enjoy running on the treadmill and can zone out really easily….I’m envious!

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Carla Whitson

    Funny i was just thinking yesterday of ways that i could break the treadmill while i was on it so i would never have to use it again

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